Melania Trump humiliation: US First Lady’s former aide to release bombshell tell-all book

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Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who has been friends with Ms Trump for 15 years, has helped organise Donald Trump’s inauguration, it has been reported. Ms Winston Wolkoff was hired as an unpaid aide to the first lady shortly after US President Donald Trump was elected in 2016.

She helped Ms Trump progress into the White House from New York while assisting her with her political portfolio.

In February 2018, Ms Winston Wolkoff had to leave her high-profile position after allegations that her company was paid £20million ($26million) to help organise Trump’s inauguration ceremony in 2017 as well as other events.

At the time, Ms Winston Wolkoff said the company had “retained a total of $1.62m” that was split among employees.

She has since disputed the suggestion that she was fired and said that she was “thrown under the bus”.

Ms Winston Wolkoff went on to assist with federal prosecutors in Manhattan in an inquiry into whether Trump’s 2017 inaugural misspent some of the £85million ($107m) it collected from donations.

The memoir, titled Melania and Me will be released by Gallery Books, an division of Simon & Schuster, on September 1, Vanity Fair reported.

The book will explore Ms Winston Wolkoff’s time “navigating the White House and East Wing”, where first ladies’ working areas are located, while the president’s office is in the West Wing.

It will also describe her “journey from their friendship that started in New York to [Ms Winston Wolkoff’s] role as the First Lady’s trusted advisor to her abrupt and very public departure, to life after Washington”, according to a summary retrieved by the magazine.

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Ms Winston Wolkoff was largely thought to be one of Ms Trump’s intimate friends.

She was considered a socialite and had formerly worked for Vogue.

She also helped organise the Met Gala, the prestigious annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York.

When she stopped working for Ms Trump in 2017, she told the New York Times: “I expect to remain a trusted source for advice and support on an informal basis.”

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The Daily Beast reported that a Google Books synopsis of the book available online said it would give “a revealing and explosive portrayal of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s 15-year friendship with Melania Trump and observations of the most chaotic White House in history”.

Ms Winston Wolkoff’s book will not be the first to give a first-hand account of the First Lady’s life.

Mary Jordan’s new book, The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump, explains how the First Lady arranged her own prenuptial agreement with Donald Trump.

Ms Jordan also described the couple as “loners”, adding that Ms Trump does not mind being away from her husband.

“They have a very unusual relationship, but there is a bond there: they have a deal, right from the beginning,” she wrote.

“He loves himself, he loves his job, he’s got his own life and he spends a lot of time apart from her. And she’s absolutely fine with that.”

According to the writer, Ms Trump gives the US President the silent treatment to show him that she is not happy with a situation.

“The way she shows that she’s upset with Trump is to walk away, to be invisible, and he doesn’t like that,” Ms Jordan wrote.

“He likes the very good-looking younger wife at his side.

“So, she cancelled going to Davos [for the World Economic Forum], for instance, in the first year, very abruptly.

“She didn’t get in the car with him to go to the State of the Union, a 10-minute car ride, after there were lengthy reports about infidelities with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.”

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