Joe Biden son dead: What happened to Joe Biden’s son Beau?

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump will soon clash on stage for the first time during their respective presidential campaigns. The Republican and Democrat nominees will enter the fray with the backing of several teams who will advise their every move. However, they will also rely on support from their families, including those who are and aren’t with them.

What happened to Beau Biden?

Beau Biden was Joe Biden’s eldest son and first child to him and his first wife Neilia.

Mr Biden welcomed three children with Neilia, including son Hunter and daughter Naomi.

But both Neilia and Naomi died in a car crash soon after Mr Biden became a senator in 1972, from which Beau and Hunter escaped with multiple broken bones and fractures.

The eldest Biden studied law and established a career in the army from 2004, where he attained the rank of Major during his service.

He served as the Attorney General of Delaware for two terms until 2014, and in 2010 visited hospital with symptoms including headaches, numbness and paralysis.

Doctors diagnosed him with a “mild stroke” according to officials, but symptoms worsened over the next three years.

Mr Biden entered the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre following “an episode of disorientation and weakness” in 2013 and doctors diagnosed him with brain cancer.

Radiation and chemotherapy kept his cancer stable, but in May 2015 he went back to hospital after a relapse.

He died ten days later, and state officials such as President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attended his funeral alongside his family in Wilmington.

Mr Biden has evoked his son in several speeches as he campaigned on the Democrat ticket.

He said fellow primary candidate Pete Buttigieg reminded him of Beau, the “highest compliment I can give any man or woman”.

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Before his death, Beau also spoke highly of his father, who had to raise him and his brother as a single father.

When Mr Biden’s daughter and wife died, he nearly didn’t take his oath to become Delaware’s next senator.

Instead, he wanted to be there for his young children, both still in hospital at the time.

Speaking of the occasion in 2008, Beau said: “He decided not to take the oath of office.”

“He said, ‘Delaware can get another senator, but my boys can’t get another father.’

“However, great men like Ted Kennedy, Mike Mansfield, Hubert Humphrey — men who had been tested themselves — convinced him to serve.

“So he was sworn in, in the hospital, at my bedside.

“As a single parent, he decided to be there to put us to bed, to be there when we woke from a bad dream, to make us breakfast, so he’d travel to and from Washington, four hours a day.”

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