Cleaner drinks water from toilet to prove she’s good at her job as bosses clap

A cleaner wanting to prove how good she is at her job has been filmed taking the rather disgusting decision of drinking from a toilet.

The dedicated worker claimed she wanted to motivate employees in other departments to do their job to "perfection" as she performed the water quality check.

In a video widely shared on Chinese social media site Weibo, the female worker scoops a cup of water directly from the pit toilet on the ground in front of a group of superiors.

She then gets up and drinks the entire cup in seconds, proving how well she has done the sanitation in the restroom.

As the camera pans, the inspectors give her a round of applause.

A spokesperson for the Zhongcheng Fertiliser Technology Company in Shandong, east China told local media Yidian Video that the company has no such policy to ask workers to drink toilet water.

She said: "This is proof of perfection she wants to show, to tell others how dedicated she is at her job.

"She wants to show she is so confident at cleaning the toilet that she can even drink the water from the pit."

When asked if the company asked the workers to do so, the worker firmly replies: "No, no."

According to Sina News, the incident has been alerted to the local Labour Department and officials will launch an investigation into the workers' rights and policy.

Viewers slammed the company's boss for encouraging such behaviour.

One said: "They see this as a show, a performance. What a shame to the boss."

Another wrote: "This is so disgusting. There is no such need to drink toilet water in order to prove how clean the restroom is."

"Why would they even clap for this? "A third asked. "Absolutely bizarre."

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