BBC Weather: Flood alerts issued as ‘intense’ thunderstorms clash with boiling 39C highs

There have been some reports of flash flooding in Palermo, Sicily as a result of a line of slow-moving thunderstorms that brought some torrential rain to the city. BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes assured viewers that they have all cleared out of the way now. The weather presenter noted that an area of low pressure across central Europe is bringing cloudy skies and rain.

He said: “That rain will push a little bit further southwards and eastwards as we head through Friday and into Friday afternoon.

“That will tend to break up into heavy thundery showers.

“Some of those showers look to be quite intense into parts of Croatia.

“South east of this we’ll have dry weather and sunshine for most of Greece.”

Mr Fawkes continued: “Most of Turkey is looking fine and settled.

“But there is still pretty stormy weather across eastern Europe with those thunderstorms quite widespread.

“Temperatures are below average for the time of year.

“Heavy outbreaks of rain and brisk winds will be affecting Norway while there’s something a little bit drier in the forecast for Sweden.”

The BBC presenter added: “Temperatures in Stockholm will reach up to 27 degrees.

“High pressure remains with us for Spain and Portugal, and here we’ve got some very hot weather.

“Indeed over the next few days, temperatures will be peaking around 39 degrees Celsius.

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Mr Fawkes told viewers: “Hot weather in Madrid will reach as high as 35 Celsius through Saturday afternoon.

“However, further storms are in the forecast quite widely in eastern Europe.

“Over the next few days, Paris will be dry and sunny, turning much warmer through the weekend.

“Temperatures will be 28 to 29 degrees Celsius in the sunshine here.

“In Moscow, it stays unsettled with rain or thundery showers around for the next few days.”

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