What is the UK’s inflation rate?

Inflation affects everything from mortgages to the cost of our shopping and the price of train tickets. The latest UK inflation figures we have, for August, show a big fall to 0.2%. But what exactly is inflation and what impact does it have? What is inflation? Inflation is the rate at which the prices for […]

What is gravel biking and why is it so popular in Colorado?

Five years ago, Brad James went for one last ride, then sold his road bike. He’s never looked back. These days, you’ll find him exclusively riding his gravel bike on the unpaved dirt roads throughout Boulder County. For 50-year-old James — and many other Colorado cyclists — gravel riding is now king. Instead of riding […]

Brexit: What is a level playing field?

“Without a level playing field on environment, labour, taxation and state aid, you cannot have the highest quality access to the world’s largest single market.” In a speech in London in January, shortly before the United Kingdom formally left the European Union, the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen set the tone for months […]

Belarus on the brink: What now?

Standing outside the giant truck-making factory BelAZ, it feels like the time of the 1917 Russian Bolshevik revolution. People pass leaflets to workers through the metal bars of the factory fence. Workers organize “stachkomy” – strike committees – and “comrades” give passionate speeches inside factories calling on their colleagues to join a “zabastovka” – a […]

What to expect on second day of Democratic National Convention

Jill Biden, John Kerry, Alxandria Ocasio-Cortez, former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter to talk on leadership. The second night of the virtual Democratic National Convention will promote the message of presidential leadership as Democrats seek to illustrate the sharp differences separating their candidate, Joe Biden, from the incumbent President Donald Trump.  Biden’s wife, Jill […]

What would remote working in Barbados really be like?

Bored of working from home, wishing you were on a beach instead? That could be a real prospect under a new scheme launched by the government of Barbados. The Barbados Welcome Stamp, which has just started taking applications, gives international visitors the opportunity to work remotely on the island for up to a year. Palm […]

What does China's national security law for Hong Kong say?

The new law will ban subversion, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces in Hong Kong. A new Hong Kong security law came into effect on Wednesday that will punish crimes of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with up to life in prison, heralding a more authoritarian era for China’s freest city. […]

What to say – and not to say – about Kanye West

A few things we know about Kanye West. As a rapper and producer, he has made some of the best-selling and most acclaimed music of our era. His marriage to a reality star has made him part of one of the most famous celebrity couples on the planet. He is a father and a successful […]

What exactly is the #FreeBritney campaign?

Fans of Britney Spears are demanding she be awarded control over her business and personal affairs at a court hearing. The Princess of Pop’s career has been in the hands of legal guardians known as a conservatorship since she faced a mental health crisis 12 years ago. The terms of the arrangement have never been […]